Power Nap

Power nap (15-21 minute) is very scientific formula for charging up yourself after long study hours.

Pomodoro Concept

Take 5-7 minutes break after 50 minute study or your work, It will improve your attention span and concentration.

Memorize before bedtime

Sometime we go for sleep but many time sleep comes late. During that period we can memorize our whole day Study concepts. Its will help us in revising our concepts or sleep will come sooner.

Buffer Time

When you make your time table for the day/week than you should add some buffer time. For. ex. 1-2 hrs./day extra It will help you in covering your unexpected circumstances.

Weekend break

Many students felt they are missing up their social life due to their study just like movie, friend enjoyments. So you should take a day break after 6 days study and Relax, Refresh, Recharge yourself.

Written Practice

Written practice is very important because many students follow reading & memorizing a lot but get stucked in exam during writing paper so at least 30-60 minutes written practice is must.